Grace Without Measure Ministries
Join Us Sunday's 10:30 am


Grace Without Measure Ministries services are on Sunday's 10:30 am at 18710 Highway 6, Sterling Co

Grace Without Measure is intended to give you tools to grow in God's grace, and His righteousness, so that we will in fact reign as Kings in this life. Reigning as a king is far from barely getting along in life, and yet when we come to understand completely what Jesus has done for us, and the fact that He intensely loves us we will then begin to see what He meant by that statement in Romans 5.

We have a number of platforms to reach out to those in our community as well as the world; providing the good news of the gospel everywhere we can.

Technology Has opened doors to this gospel in ways we could not have imagined. Now we are able to reach around the world with audio and video messages, Podcast, Facebook, blogging, as well as specific inspiration on subjects such as business and occupational messages known as Business Bytes (audio/video) designed to lift up, encourage, and unleash our God given creativity in our Businesses, and occupations, using short video messages posted often to build, inspire and encourage. You can find the Business Bytes and other information at where we focus on radical grace stimulating God’s creative passion for our lives, continuing the theme from my book, Grace-Full Business Devotional.

And if you happen to be in our neck of the woods, stop by and join us as we celebrate Sunday’s at 10:30 am.

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