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For the next several weeks we will not be having services at our physical location in Sterling CO, however we will be broadcasting  on Facebook Live, from 11:00 am to 11:30 am MST Sunday Mornings. We plan to be back in the church building for Easter Services!! AND IT WILL BE GRAND!!

Set your Facebook to alert you when we are starting Facebook Live, because we will be going on during the week to encourage, and release some RADICAL GOOD NEWS!!

Welcome to Grace Without Measure, by the way, just a word of caution, we're not talking about religion here, we're talking about life! If you've spent a lot of years in religion, then there might be some things that quite possibly you've never heard, nothing but good news, news that you might think is too good to be true, let me tell you, it is true and man is it good!

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Grace Quotes

  1. Condemnation is the consequence of being at war with yourself.
  2. Condemnation is one deceptive little trick, to get you to punish yourself. God doesn't punish you, condemnation does.
  3. Challenges come, but God's Favor overcomes :)
  4. To performance based Believers: Take a 3 month vacation from Mount Sinai (law) Go to Mount Zion (Grace) and you'll want to move there :)
  5. Some teach God loves you, then adds a lot of buts for you to do. Just put the buts in the ashtray where they belong :)
  6. You'll learn more from a child who lives from his heart than you will from a theologian who lives from his head... Mick Mooney
  7. If you believe that life is a test, you will never have rest. God's will for you is to enter His rest and not be stressed :)